WELE SB LB Series Double Column Machining Centre with affordable 5 Face Machining Capability

WELE SB Series Double Column Machining Centres are used for ultra large sized workpieces. We provide these machines with a wide range of line-up and various head attachments. These support all types of processes including precision processing, hard cutting, parts processing and mould processing.

Furthermore, certain spindle options are also offered according to application features.The design enables quick and safe workpiece setup operation. Known for superior performance, efficient production and high-precision machining, our state-of-the-art Double ColumnMachining Centresare high in demand.

These machining centres provide industry-leading speed operation, rigidity, accuracy, fast traverse rates, and rapid tool change time resulting in reduced cycle times.

These machines can have optional 5 Face capability. With this there is an Automatic 90 degree head change. This head can have directly automatic tool changes on the angle head. The head can index in angle of 5 degrees.

The machine are suitable for Die Machining, Machining of Boom and Arm of construction equipment, Aerospace Parts & Machine Tools Parts machining.

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