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Easy Mold Matching; Convenient Mold Changing

Shunxing Machinery (Sprex) is dedicated to serving the mold making industry globally. Since its establishment in 2004, has continuously launched precision equipment capable of automatic production, which optimizes real-time working processes, including Spotting Presses, Quick mold Change Systems and Mold flippers. SpreX is committed to ‘Innovation and Technology’, continues to raise ‘New Standards’ over traditional mold making industry methods.

Precision mold spotting technology can reduce matching-time by up to 30% compared to traditional methods. In addition, the quick mold changing system can replace traditional screw press designs and can improve mold change lead times by up to 90%.

The high-standard configuration ensures the excellent performance of the machine. The main machining parts are processed by the imported machining center to ensure the machining accuracy of the mechanical parts.

Guide-pillar Die Spotting Machine

High-accuracy Guide-pillar Die Spotting Machine YC Series

High-accuracy Guide-pillar Die Spotting Machine
JM Series

High-accuracy Turntable Die Spotting Machine
(Tri-color) TUS

High-accuracy Guide-pillar Die Spotting Machine Two-platen Series

Our Highlights

  • The design of guide pillar structure and elastic template makes the high precision in the progress of high pressure mold pressing and the convenient adjustment of template parallelism.
  • The moving part of the whole machine is install ed with oll-free and self-lubricating graphite copper sleeve guide,making the machine cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
  • Practical and reliable fault detection, alarm and low-pressure mold protection functions.
  • The lower worktable is equipped with high-precision positioning device and lifting device.
  • Four mold closing oil cylinders make the force uniform and the deforrmation coefficient small.
  • SIKO ( Germany )magnetoscale railing ruler is used to detect the moving position of midele seat, which makes the position more accurate.
  • The mechanical safety protection device makes your mold and machine safer.

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