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Mitsubishi Materials


Your Global Craftsman Studio, for You and the World

In the automotive and aircraft industries, demand for leading-edge materials and technologies continues to grow. The Metalworking Solutions Business Company applies technological expertise accumulated over years to meet these needs. We supply customers around the world with cemented carbide products, which are essential to parts processing.

We make full use of our technical centers in Japan, the United States, Mexico, China, Thailand, Germany, Spain, India, operating under the brand message of “Your Global Craftsman Studio” and communicating with our customers on a daily basis.

The Metalworking Solutions Business provides an extensive lineup of cutting tools used in processes including lathe turning, milling, and drilling, as well as wear-resistant tools and rock tools. The department manufactures these products in Japan and overseas, sells them in global markets, and has a leading share of the Japanese market.

We are also undertaking the recycling of tungsten, a rare metal, and focusing on the recovery of used cemented carbide tools.

Turning Tools

Turning Inserts

CBN & PCD Inserts

External Turning

Small Tools


Boring Bars


HSK-T Tools

Rotating Tools

Solid End Mills / Exchangeable Head End Mills

Milling Inserts




Gear Tools

Gear Cutters


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