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GPY Machines Tools offers HYUNDAI KIA KBN Series of Horizontal Boring Machines. TheeKBN135 Series of Horizontal Boring Machineshave very high spindle torque, and come with 4 step gear box. The quill has a clamping device for W axis that makes machining rigid even with extended quill. The machine has a one piece bed making it rigid. The X-axis stroke is 3000mm with option of 4000mm. In this machine, optional angle head and facing head are available. It is most suitable for die earth moving, power industry,mould industry, heavy engineering etc.


  • Air Semi-Rising Slide Way- By adapting the “semi-rising sliding ways” the load on the X and Z-axis slide way is decreased enhancing the KBN’s ability to hold tolerance and repeatability over longer cycle times.
  • Extended Slide Way (KBN135CL) - The slide ways of the KBN135CL have been extended to4000 MM in the X-axis and 400mm in the Z-axis making it possible to machine larger work pieces.
  • The KBN135C Series is designed with a 3-step gear drive, providing both high spindle speed and high low end torque. Also moving column arrangement gives rigidity
  • ATC – Tool magazines can be supplied to hold 40, 60, 90 or 120 tools.
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