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Importer, Dealer & Distributor of CNC Machine Tools

250+ Hyundai WIA

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Assuring Great Performance in Rigidity and Precision

Optimize Real-time Working Processes

Haitian’s excellent ability is to offer reliable products and innovative technology with rich and experimental service resources.

Clamp Once - Machine Complete

Combining all machining and measuring operations in one single MILLTURN by WFL will raise the efficiency of your production enormously. This is an investment that pays off in virtually no time.

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At GPY, we have a long and storied history of service, one where we continuously seek to improve the quality of our machines’ performance, the breadth of our offerings, and the strength of our technology. However, we didn’t become the leader in CNC machine tools just through our products. Instead, much of our success comes from a steadfast belief in offering an exceptional customer experience, which is reinforced by our mission to serve a customer for life passionately.

Whether you’re a small shop looking to expand with your first CNC Machine or an established manufacturer about to purchase your 20th, we understand that buying one of our machines represents a significant investment. Each machine is backed by Global Standards from Best-in-Class Brands. It’s also supported by the most capable and extensive service network spanning across the globe. Sure, every CNC machine is built to stand the test of time. But with our philosophy, the goal is for our relationship with you, the customer, to last even longer.

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